Saturday, September 16, 2006

Super Pizza: Rome, Italy

I often went to the Despar Market to load up on drinks and snacks but rarely took a look at Super Pizza a small pizza stand that is tucked in between a niche of the market. One time, about 2 weeks into the program/trip Albert had mentioned to me when we were on the way to Pompeii that he had gotten some supplis to munch on for the long day trip. I kept that in mind and ended up visiting there with Adrienne about a week or so later. I’m kinda kicking myself in the head for not having visited earlier. The have an assortment of fresh baked focaccia style pizza as well as tasty supplis. Suppli is simply seasoned risotto rice with gooey mozzarella in the middle and often times meat in the middle, breaded and fried crispy. It is such a treat to bite into one and find the stringy cheese. For some reason eating this reminds me of childhood and eating a Lo Mai Gai( lotus wrapped rice). I’m suck a sucker for just about anything rice. They charge by the weight for the pizza which they fold into a sandwich for you so it can get a little pricey depending how hungry an eater you are but a pretty hearty slice is about 3-4 euros and they charge 1euro per suppli. Be a regular and talk with the nice girl that works there and she’ll hook you up sometimes with some free suppli or an extra large cut of pizza.

OooOoo…look at the tasty pizza.


But what really drove me to come back and still gives me some of the fondest memories of simply sitting around and people watching by the Pantheon were these tasty little morsels.


Super Pizza
Via Giustiniani
(between the Despar market space)
(between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona)
Rome, Italy

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  1. I have just visited this place on 1st Jan 2009, had a mushroom pizza, which I have rated as the best pizza I had in my life so far.

    p.s. the old dude (the owner?) is really, no comment, hahaha...

    p.s.s. you didnt mention his photos and autographs with the artists and football players on the wall


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