Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Food Tasting

The Santaluz Club |

A few posts ago I announced that EHK and I would be getting hitched. It was quite an arduous task finding a venue. My bridesmaids, close friends and EHK can attest to my frustration at the limited amount of options available that presented a reasonable balance in cost, aesthetics and decent food. I had hopes for a June nuptial so of course the pressure was on to find a venue that was free and met our criteria. That proved quite a challenge as venue after venue we visited were either out of our intended budget, not free this June (we were looking last May so what the heck?) or there was just something off about the venue. We finally came across The Santaluz Club, a country club inside the Santaluz community after months of searching and it measured up to what we were looking for. Plus it was pretty close to home... 6 miles away. Why didn't we think to visit sooner?

A while back we visited Santaluz to do a meal tasting (Sorry no photos of the venue since it was pouring rain and we were more interested in getting under a roof at the time). We were pretty happy with all the items below with the exception of the tomato basil bruschetta so I think we'll be switching that out for something else. I really liked the salmon as the fish still came out with the glaze instead of just tasting glaze. I was also a big fan of the crispy dumplings. The manager claimed it was all veg but it tasted meaty. Either way, I'm sure the guests will like it and not miss the meat if there really was no meat. Coconut shrimp wasn't bad either, plump and not too heavily battered. We'll be having a mashed potato bar too but its not pictured. Who doesn't like mashed potatoes though and the option to mix it with your choice of toppings? Now, I just hope I get to enjoy a few bites on our big night.

{tomato basil bruschetta}
{chicken satay with peanut sauce}
{crispy vegetable dumplings with soy dipping sauce}
{coconut shrimp with sweet chili sauce}
{caprese salad}
{mixed greens salad}
{cedar plank salmon with citrus glaze}
{carving of fillet mignon}
{grilled asparagus}

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