Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Old Bear: Rome, Italy

The first time I ate at Old Bear I was bit turned off. Perhaps it was kinda late already and I was feeling sleepy or maybe the bread tasted a little stale or maybe some of the company was unpleasant. Whatever the reason, the second visit changed my mind about the place because of the oh so tasty Spaghetti Carbonara. I ended up eating dinner at this place for over a week. The prices are good, the service is super friendly and the portions are fit for a king.

The antipasto appetizer plate was quite a smorgasbord of Mediterranean treats. However, I don’t feel like we appreciated it enough. My favorite items on the plate was the fresh tomato bruschetta and the handmade fresh mozzarella. The sweet juicy tomato pieces dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper on top of crusty bread was such a delight. Though I would have preferred the bread to be more softer. The mozzarella reminded me of Obika, it wasn’t as good as there but it was still delicious. Tasting all these fresh ingredients really inspired me to cook more at home when I came back and feature more fresh ingredient in my dishes.


Ahh the spagehtti carbonara. This dish could have sigle handedly caused me to gain a few sizes had I not been walking around so much. Ummm… noodles tossed in panchetta, garlic, heavy cream and parmasan cheese.. need I saw more? This bugger was responsible for me coming back to have dinner at the same place for like a week.


Before tasting these roasted potatoes I was a firm believer of drench my tatters in ketchup. However Old Bear doesn’t offer it as a condiment so I tried it plain. Quite yummy just roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper. I tried making them back at home with baby red potatoes and they were just a delish.


Paella Valencia…so yummy but salty too. I learned quite early that the Italians like their dishes heavily salted and this dish is no exception. I found the rice a little salty yet the seafood was quite tender and tasted just right.


Lasagna all Bolognese. What impressed me was the noodles were cooked so perfectly…just the right firmness. The filling was not too overpowering as was my experience with several lasagna dishes I’ve had back at home. It was a light meat sauce with some ricotta cheese.


I’ve never really been a fan of lamb until I tried these lamb kabobs. The light seasoning of rosemary was both aromatic and tasty.


The ricotta cheese cake was quite delicious even though Cassidy thought it was too sour for her taste. It was very tender unlike the firmer texture I was accustomed to. The glazed strawberries went well with the lightness of the cake.

The Old Bear 
Via dei Gigli d’ Oro 3
Roma, Italia 00186
p: 06.68210009

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