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Two foodies on the delicious adventure through life...discovering new eats, rediscovering old eats, finding joy in gadgets and food finds.

Liz (soon to be Mrs.K): I love that food has the power to introduce/reintroduce someone to a culture. There's so much to learn about a people by eating the way they eat and observing how they treat and prepare their food. I guess thats why I've always been so fond of traveling both domestically or internationally and food... they naturally go hand in hand. My warmest memories growing up are of sharing them in the kitchen with my mom helping her make baked treats or of her trying to teach me to make a traditional Chinese recipe. I'm terribly intimidated to cook for her till this day. Mom always makes it best right?

EHK (aka Mr.K): First generation Chinese American that loves to eat. My fondest memories of childhood always surrounded family gatherings around the dinner table. Fooding must be genetic because my mother also has an endless appetite and is always seeking the ultimate meal. I love food of all cultures and always willing to try something if I think it will be tasty.

About The Tasty Memoir
"What's in your refrigerator?" my therapist asked. "Huh?" I responded. "Food is Love," she said. "You have to fill up your refrigerator if you want your life to change." -Real Simple, Febuary 10' pgs. 53-57

Food is the great social greaser. Nothing is as natural at bringing people together and aiding in creating memories to reminisce over as FOOD.  Our fondest memories involve food, from a lovely stay at home evening to date night, spending time with family and friends, or traveling the world and experiencing a new culture. We wanted to create an avenue to document and share our experiences with family and friends. Hopefully you'll find our adventures inspiring.

Where did the name come from?
The Tasty Memoir is what grew out of our previous blogs, Yummy 4 My Tummy and Fooding 411. We believe this name more aptly describes the goal we hope to accomplish- an honest, entertaining account of our tasty adventures.

Contact The Tasty Memoir
Feel free to shoot us an email at tastymemoir(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions or comments.

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