Monday, August 29, 2011

Saturday Night Nijiya Snack Run

{clockwise from bottom: salmon, tuna, cherries, terriyaki nori, muscat flavored black tea}
We had plans for a mini date night on Saturday.... dinner out and catch movie at the theater. I had been wanting to watch One Day every since I caught a glimpse of the trailer and who doesn't like Anne Hathaway? Fast forward to Saturday. I had just finished work and I was suddenly in no mood to see this movie. I'm sure EHK felt relieved since its a total chick flick. So what did we do instead? Snack run and catch up on our DVR. It was approaching 8pm and EHK was craving sashimi. We normally shop Mitsuwa for our Japanese groceries but it was about to close. Option 2? Nijiya opens a little later so we headed down to Convoy.

Now, I'll admit in the past we've written off Nijiya for whatever reason I don't remember. We decided to wipe the slate clean and went into Nijiya with fresh eyes. I'm glad we did. We were quite impressed with how great the produce and proteins looked and were presented. EHK collected some nice looking salmon and tuna to prepare as tasty sashimi at home. The tuna was ok but the salmon was great and something I'd purchase again... rich, buttery and sumptuous. He also grabbed a package of terriyaki nori which turned out to be addicting at home. We wandered into the tea isle where some teas were open to display to customers. The muscat flavored black tea caught our attention with its intoxicating perfume so that went into the basket.

The cherries caught my eye. I'm a terrible cherries addict. At home, everybody in my family loves cherries so my dad planted a tree for each person in the family so we'd have an amazing summer bounty of cherries. These cherries were on the pricey side, $5.99/lb. That's quite a price when sale prices for cherries in season are about $1.50/lb at the major markets and sometimes I've seen it for $.99/lb. Costco is about $2.69/lb which isn't bad at all considering the quality of the fruit they sell but I was just at the Mission Valley Costco yesterday and there were no cherries in sight :(. Part of me was hoping these Nijiya cherries didn't taste the $5.99/lb I paid for and part of me was thinking they better taste amazing because they were $5.99/lb. Ugh... the dilemma. They were intensely sweet and the flesh was firm like biting into a firm mini plum. This is what I think cherries should taste like as the cherries I've had this season paled in comparison... either not very sweet or on the soft side or several in the package should not have passed QC.

We spent about $40 for snack Saturday evening as you can see from our receipt below. I think this is the beginning of an expensive habit as we found our purchase more than satisfying and leaving us wanting more. We ended up visiting again Sunday and we have plans to peruse the meat sale tonight (20% off items except sale items and processed meats). But we don't mind the hefty price. We love a great deal but sometimes I think the quality of the product is worthy of the price paid such as we've experienced with this purchase.
{$40 for snacks?}
Nijiya Market
3860 Convoy St.
San Diego CA 92111
9am-10pm everyday


  1. can I just say I want those snacks! Imagine if you ordered that much food at the sushi bar, it would set you back way more than $40. Nijiya is my only option, I'm down with their salmon sashimi anytime.

  2. Yea thats so true FH. MMM yes... salmon was pretty tasty :)

  3. Well, good news for me, thanks!


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