Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday with Sprinkles!

I've been such a terrible blogger. I haven't been on here for weeks. Well... my computer has been on the fritz and I finally gave up on it a few weeks ago and recycled it. Even if I did have a computer, long story short- the internet is also down. Ugh... I can't win! I'm in the process of computer shopping so any recommendations would be much appreciated and hopefully a real internet connection at home will be up by next week.

EHo's birthday was this past Monday so the JLC decided to spring a sweet surprise on her. She once expressed to me a strong want to taste every flavor Sprinkles had to offer. Well Miss EHo... ask and you shall receive. I coordinated the pickup and through this experience I became a huge believer in the call-in/online order service. Normally, EHK and I would wait what seemingly would be a lifetime in line for some cupcakes when the closest location to us was Newport Beach. I'm so happy that there's finally a La Jolla/UTC location. Is it me or is their business model centered around being in close proximity to a college campus full of kids with money to burn and no real responsibilities? The Newport Beach location is fairly close to UC Irvine, Bay Area location is at Standford Mall and La Jolla is within walking distance of UC San San Diego. See a correlation?

Anyways, minimum order to use this order ahead service is a dozen so I thought EHo's birthday would be a terrific opportunity to test out this service. So I ordered one of every flavor available for the day to fill a dozen and gave them my payment info. I ordered around 11 in the morning and came by to pick up at 3 in the afternoon when the line was wrapped around the building. Yes, I felt like a rock star waltzing by this gargantuan of a line to pick up my order and waltz right back out. Would I recommend this service? YES!!! There's no bigger pet peeve for me than waiting in an endless line and a Sprinkles line can seem like forever. Only con is that you gotta order at least a dozen. I wish they'd drop the minimum to half a dozen especially given the increase in price. It has increased $.25/cupcake from what I last remember. Oh well... can't have everything my way.

Sprinkles Cupcakes
8855 Villa La Jolla Drive
San Diego, CA 92037
(858) 457-3800
(888) 220-2210 (order line)
other locations listed on website


  1. I know what you mean...

    BTW it was great to see you the other day! Sorry for being slow at commenting back and posting... this computer/internet situation blows.

  2. cool to know about the order ahead service! and what a great gift for your friend too! :)

  3. I've never had the real thiing, just ones made from the Williams-Sonoma mix... which was the best? I love bypassing crazy long lines, thanks for the online tip.

    I'm glad to see you online sporadically, sorry to hear of your computer woes. I have the small mbp (macbook pro) and love it. It has a backlit keyboard so I can work on my laptop in the middle of the night without bothering the hubs.

  4. Mmmm...i heart their red velvet cupcakes! Didn't know they finally opened one up in SD. Thanks for the info, like always :D

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