Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Milton's Delicatessen Restaurant: Del Mar, CA

I love having this dish on a lazy weekend morning because that is exactly what you are going to be after you eat this… lazy! The corned beef is perfectly seasoned and there is a even proportion of veggies to meat in the dish. I live for the home style potatoes too… the crisped sides of the potatoes are a perfect compliment to the steaming soft mounds of white potatoes inside and taste just delish with some ketchup and a few squirts of hot sauce. You also get 2 eggs prepared the way you want, and a choice of a bialy/toast/or bagel. I always get the bialey…. a hole-less bagel (why would you get a bagel if you can get this?). All this for $10.95 and I usually end up not being able to finish the dish so I try to share or just save it for the next morning and make it a yummy left over breakfast.

A definite recommended place to hit up for some feel good food.

Milton’s Delicatessen Restaurant
2660 Via De La Valle
Del Mar, CA 92014
(858)792- 2225
M-Th: 7am-8:30pm
Sa: 8am-9:30pm
Su: 8am-8pm

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