Monday, September 27, 2010

Sushi Ota: San Diego, CA

{our latest Sushi Ota meal}
If you follow this blog regularly or are an acquaintance of mine you probably know how much EHK and I love this place. We use just about any excuse to come visit... special occasion? its been a long week? need a pick me up? "just make up an excuse"? Yes, Yes Yes, Yes! This particular visit was because it had been a particularly long week for us so it was the perfect excuse to unwind and catch up with some of the chefs. Oh yea and I had been craving Kumamoto oysters for like 2 weeks... need to get my fix. Most of the meal was stuff we've had before or flavors we had come to be familiar with. However, the one thing that caught us by surprise was the prosciutto over squid and buffalo mozzarella which is the 8th photo below. Delightfully surprising... we weren't expecting to like this combination at all but we're glad Robert challenged us to try it. The squid and buffalo mozzarella were delicate flavors and it was the prosciutto that jumped out subtly for attention.  Here are photos from our latest excursion. As always... do these photos really need much explanation?
{Chino Farm vegetables and baby squid}
{chu-toro and o-toro}
{seared golden eye red snapper and squid}
{ankimo and chopped mackerel in miso} 
{Kumamoto oysters}
{devoured Kumamoto oysters :-)}
{broiled sweet shrimp, abalone and Chino Farm vegetables}
{prosciutto over squid and buffalo mozzarella}
{crevalle jack and amberjack}
{house marinated young ginger} 
{hamachi over seared kobe beef} 

Sushi Ota
4529 Mission Bay Dr.
San Diego, CA 92109


  1. wish i can afford to try this place someday :)

  2. Hey, Liz! It's been a while... those pictures are STUNNING. Seriously, how did you manage to take such fabulous pictures with Ota's lighting? And without them having a cow about it?

  3. Actually the lighting at the bar is pretty good... spot light pendants right over the food. We sit with one chef who's gotten use to my photography before eating.

  4. Hey Liz, came across your blog and loving it. I just moved to SD, so haven't ate here yet ;( Hopefully soon though :D

    FYI, check out Robata-ya Oton if you haven't already. So yum! I will be posting about my shortly^^

  5. Thanks for stopping by Jenny! I haven't been to Oton but I've been to the sister restaraunt... Okan. Good stuff but it adds quickly :/

  6. wow great photos! I just wanna reach out and grab that ankimo


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