Thursday, July 8, 2010

What has Liz been having for dinner?

{Pan fried pork chop with salt and pepper and steamed French beans ~ July 2010}
I'm so glad I'm done with phase 1 of South Beach. It does wonders especially after the holiday season but I could really go for a plate of beef pad see ew right now. Why am I doing this? Well there are a few reasons. I've got 2 weddings to get ready for... one of which I'll actually be in. Then there's the health reasons. I actually feel more energetic when I stick with a low carb/"good carb" eating routine and of course there's the elevated risk of Diabetes since I'm Asian-American. I don't try to think about it as just a diet per se but as a "life style" adjustment. I'm actually on phase 2 for most of the year but every now and then I jump back onto phase 1 to get a little jump start again.

So I've been eating a lot of meals like the one above for the past 2 weeks. Looks tasty huh? I think things will be easier now that I can enjoy the good carbs again like low glycemic fruits and brown rice. I'll be relishing my bounty of white peaches tonight... so juicy that the sweet nectar keeps running down my hand.


  1. I love pork and pork chops! Yummy!



  2. you know.. i have contemplated the South Beach Diet but don't think I have the will power to stay away from alcohol in Phase 1. Good for you!


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