Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recipe: Brioche French Toast with Vanilla Bean and Amaretto Whipped Cream

French toast is perhaps my most favorite breakfast food. It's so buttery and alluringly aromatic. And when a special someone makes it for you, you can't help but feel all warm... what a perfect way to start a day. If only every day could start like this! Most days I try to cram in as much sleep as possible. I wake up before the Sun decides to grace us with its presence, around 5am and log into my computer at work around 5:45am. This is just enough time to brew a cup of hot green tea and peel open a cup of light yogurt before its pretty much go go go till the end of the day.

On this particular day I was dealing with a few substitutions. I usually like to use challah and whole milk but I had a brioche loaf and soy milk on hand so that'd have to do since I was not in the mood to step out of the house yet.

  • 1 medium sized brioche loaf or choice of bread
  • 1 1/2 cups soy milk
  • 2-3 eggs
  • 1 tbsp superfine sugar
  • Seeds from 1 whole vanilla bean
  • Amaretto liqueur
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1/4 cup superfine sugar
  1. Cut a few thick slices of the brioche bread and place to the side
  2. Beat eggs and 1 tbsp of superfine sugar into soy milk
  3. Split vanilla bean and scrape half the seeds into the egg and soy milk batter
  4. Add a few splashes of Amaretto to the batter and give a good mix
  5. Dip each of the slices of bread into the batter and make sure it gets a good soaking
  6. Heat up a large pan with a pat or two of butter and brown the battered slices, 2 at a time till desired
  7. Beat 1/4 cup superfine sugar, remaining vanilla bean seeds and a few splashes of Amaretto into the whipping cream until cream has risen in volume and stiffened
  8. Enjoy!
I had some Trader Joe's Grade A medium amber maple syrup on hand but I found the French toast with whipped cream alone, untainted by maple syrup delectable already. Why brave the long weekend lines at a cafe for breakfast when you can stay in your jammies and whip up something just as delicious? 

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