Friday, September 28, 2007

The Mission: San Diego, CA

The Mission is perhaps my favorite place to hit up for pancakes. I originally learned of this place from one of my roommates way back in the day before I started my 2nd year at UCSD. You must, must, MUST get here early to assure your party a table without having to wait too long. This isn’t a problem for me as I usually love to get up around 7ish on the weekends… but a problem for most others I know as it seems a rather ungodly hour to rise if its not a workday. Arriving early also helps with the parking as Mission Beach can be quite a tough place to find a parking spot.

I arrived with AS around 8 in the morning which was perfect. I got a good parking spot and it wasn’t crowded yet so they had their “seat yourself” sign up. As you can see, the decor slightly minimalistic with small artsy touches about the room. We got a small comfy corner nook so we could do people watching while we ate.

I ordered some plain pancakes. They were so light and fluffy as usual. These pancakes remind me of childhood when my mom would wake up before the rooster crowed(yes we had chickens and rosters in our backyard in the Bay Area!) to make a yummy breakfast of pancakes or cinnamon rolls or croissants or whatever else. I didn’t have any syrup with mine as it comes with some yummy blueberry puree. The combination was absolutely heavenly… unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish the stack as it was quite monstrous. Anybody interested in practically having a meal for himself should join me.

AS ordered a stack of banana blackberry pancakes and made it a gargantuan meal by making it a combo ( rosemary potatoes, bacon and scrambled eggs). She said her pancakes were incredibly tasty… the essence of bananas and blackberries permeating throughout the fluffy cakes and were a delight to the senses. She also opted to use the puree instead of syrup and it proved a very good compliment for her as well. The potatoes were beautifully made and the smell of rosemary perfumed our small corner nook. I didn’t have any this time but I have at previous visits and I can assure that they are must have.

Perhaps if you have a lighter appetite as AS and I did than it may prove prudent to share a stack of pancakes and whatever else you plan to order.
The Mission
3795 Mission Blvd.
San Diego, CA, 92109
daily 7am-3pm

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