Saturday, December 23, 2006

Long Phung Sandwich & Food To Go: San Jose, CA


So I’m back in the Bay Area and I thought it’d be fitting to write about a place I almost always go to when I’m back in San Jose. Long Phung is a real hole in the wall but if you are lucky enough to find this place you are in for one real treat. They make several of the classic Vietnamese take out items right in their own kitchen. At times there is quite a demand for the hot and noodle dishes that you may have to wait a while for the item to come out. This place really embodies a Vietnamese family run business. All the members of the family work together to make this business a success and it is by word of mouth of more than satisfied customers that this shop still continues to draw in so many happy customers after so many years.

Below is a plate of unwrapped Bahn Beo($2.25) This is seriously the best I’ve had ever and I’ve tried many a dishes at several restaurants in the Bay Area, the OC, LA and San Diego. You are lucky to get a glimpse of this unwrapped since usually I can’t wait to devour this dish when I get it. The perfectly sized round noodle disks are topped with mung bean paste, crushed dried shrimp, chopped scallions. Inside the cup is their house fish sauce which has just the right balance of sweet, sour and spicy to compliment the noodles. This dish may be a little intimidating to eat on the first try but I promise with a little practice the noodles shouldn’t be too slippery.


Ahh… a Bahn Mi with steamed pork loaf and pate($2.50). I used to as a kid be disgusted by the pate and gravitate more to the BBQ pork sandwich but I eventually grew a taste for pate and get it with my Vietnamese sandwich whenever possible. The bread was nicely toasted on the outside, soft and warm on the inside but not chewy. There was just enough pickled veggies and the pate didn’t overpower the other flavors of the sandwich.

Long Phung Sandwich & Food To Go
2145 Tully Rd.
San Jose Ca
M-F: 8:30am-8pm
Sa-Su: 8am-8pm

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