Tuesday, October 3, 2006

The Sundried Tomato Cafe: San Juan Capistrano, CA


A While ago I was watching the Food Network and Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels was on. Now I’m not the biggest Rachel Ray fan but she was talking about the places she was visiting in the OC and since I live in San Diego which is a stones throw away I thought hey why not just listen what she’s got to say since I’m around that area often enough. One of the restaurants that caught my eye was the Sundried Tomato Cafe. The menu seemed eclectic and the place looked cute. I decided the check out the location in San Juan Capistrano since its closer. The small quaint restaurant is located in a charming old town type of neighborhood so you can work up an appetite walking around before grabbing a bite.

The server brought us gratis… a basket of kalamato olive rolls and small french loafs as well as a small plate of flaky cinnamon rolls. The bread along with the sundried tomato butter was quite tasty however I’m a fan of warm bread which this wasn’t. I had never received cinnamon rolls for gratis so it was a delightful yummy surprise. They were so flaky and cinnamon-y..I’d really like to get a hand on that recipe.



Not too long later the waiter brought our entrees… 1/2 lb Angus burger($11) and three cheese pasta($13).
The meatwas exceptionally moist and well seasoned in between a toasted onion roll. Haha… beats having your average hamburger at a poor college student BBQ. The potatoes were bad but it tasted like they boiled them before roasting them.


The three cheese pasta was extremely rich and and flavorful. The chunks of chicken were quite tender and the bits of sundried tomatoes weren’t too salty. However, after a few bites I found myself overwhelmed by richness of the cheeses and packing it to go. Oh made a delicious lunch the next day.

The Sundried Tomato Cafe
31781 Camino Capistrano
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

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