Sunday, June 4, 2006

Chilangos Mexican City Grill: San Diego, CA

Ok…so I’m not really into Mexican food which is blasphemous to EHK and pretty much all my friends (NCT upon hearing my comment of not being into Mexican: “How can you survive?”) Well, one day a few months ago DM and LH introduced us to this quaint cute little sit down Mexican joint in Hillcrest which has somewhat opened me up more to Mexican food. Ok so now I like sit down or home cooked Mexican food now but none of the Taco stand stuff still. I haven’t seen Michelle in quite sometime…since New Year’s Eve dinner at Region also in Hillcrest. It was nice that she was able to come down from LA. We think that the proprietor of the place swings the other way and that we’ve been getting special treatment since he thinks that DM and LH also have the same preferences. On several previous occasions we would get free desserts on the house or he would be very congenial with our party. I guess this trip was different since Michelle was able to join us and we noticed a change of attitude when LH mentioned that she was his girlfriend and that she couldn’t eat nuts. Yea… we got charged for the extra rice we ordered that we were pretty certain would have been free if the above wasn’t mentioned. Aside from that the food was excellent as usual.

To start we ordered the House Dip to share which consisted of Queso Fresco, Salsa fresco, guacamole and their house salsa on the side. I really do enjoy the texture of Queso Fresco…for some reason it brings back memories of vendors coming by my parents Laundromat back at to sell their home cooked goodies of tamales, roasted corn, menudo and other such treats.


I’ve fallen in love with the Braised Pork Loin in Brandy and Plum sauce and can’t seem to make myself order something else when I come here. I get so giddy eating the plums. I also convinced Michelle to get it as well which she equally enjoyed.


EHK got the Braised Pork Loin with Salsa Verde sauce which he has also ordered before. A bit spicy for me but still delicious.


LH ordered the Chile Relleno which I assume was super yummy considering that he didn’t offer to share.


I think the same thing goes for DM who ordered the Fish Enchiladas with Mole since he also didn’t offer to share. I really do need to try the Mole here sometime since I really do like Mole after trying some that Angie’s Mom made.


142 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
*Closed Business*

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