Friday, May 19, 2006

Jasmine Seafood: San Diego, CA

After a long day of school, work and shopping at Costco I was really craving Peking duck for some reason. I suggested it to EHK and his mom and they were up for it too. So we headed to Jasmine. On this particular evening it was quiet… there was only one other table. We were served our hot tea and iced water as usual while we looked over the menu.

The peking duck was delicious but we were dissapointed that there were only 8 sandwiches(4/plate). Usually they make about 10 or 12.

They then brought the chopped up duck back to us. The theory is that they bring it to the back so they can slice off some meat to use for other dishes such as lettuce wraps.

EHK’s mom can read Chinese so she asked for the “Chinese Menu”. The grouper with garlic and mushroom hotpot is one of those dishes that is only on the Chinese menu and not on the main one. If you can read Chinese or go with some who can than you should ask for this menu in a Chinese restaurant as well since there often times items that you can’t find on the other menu. The grouper was quite tender and despite being covered in a gravy type sauce, the breaded crust was still quite crispy.

Chinese Broccoli steamed and lightly sauted with some garlic is one of EHK’s favorites. I like it with oyster sauce but I was already satisfied with the Peking duck.

Lastly we were served some sliced oranges for dessert which surprisingly was quite sweet. Jasmine is always a hit or miss…at times the service can suck and other times not bad, same thing with the food.

Jasmine Seafood
4609 Convoy St.
San Diego, Ca 92111
M-F: 10am-10pm
Sa-Su: 9:30am-10pm

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